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There are numerous details to account for when making the journey to Kenya so once you send us your information we can get you all the information needed to help you plan a successful trip to the Challenge Farm in Kitale, Kenya! 


Most missions teams will be staying in the guesthouse located on the Farm. There are 24 beds divided among 5 bedrooms. The guesthouse has a large living room, kitchen, dining room and 4 full bathrooms. Most visitors share a room with people they know, although people traveling alone and those with special needs can generally request a room to themselves. The guesthouse has indoor plumbing, including flushable toilets and hot-water showers. Water is a luxury in Kenya, so we do use water sparingly here.


We generally tell teams to budget $3,500 for a two-week trip. You will use about half of this for your airfare. Team leaders will generally collect a specified amount in advance, approximately $50 a day, which includes your stay at the guesthouse, utilities, three meals a day, basic transportation to and from Kitale and some computer use with wireless Internet access.


You’ll want to keep some cash on hand for additional expenses, such as occasional nice meals in town, day-trips, souvenirs and additional snacks. We recommend bringing approximately $300 in cash to convert into Kenyan Shillings (KES), since credit cards are rarely accepted in Kenya. You will need to request from your bank $50 and $100 dollar bills minted on or after the year 2006 (very few places will exchange older dollar bills.)


The best way to exchange money is direct with Challenge Farm and your team leader. However, you can also exchange dollars at the Nairobi airport or at the banks in Kitale. You can also bring a debit card and draw money from the ATMs in town. Check with your bank for international rates and ATM fees.

Check out XE’s Universal Currency Converter for the Current exchange rate:

If you are looking for something extra to do while in Kenya Ask about A Safari!

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Check out the photos below from past teams. (Thank you to everyone who contributed these photos from their trips.)

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