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I could not imagine that a simple monthly donation could seriously impact a child's life and the

“In 2010 a friend of mine went on a mission trip to Kitale, Kenya and came back with a photo for me. It was a photo of a street kid. This photo changed my life. And ultimately the life of a young man who Cheri, through her and Rick's obedience to the call God had on their life, was saved.

God called me to one simple step. Sponsor. $35 a month. I would write letters, send photos and in return my child would do the same. The donations became automatic and I admit I didn't always think of my sponsor child but ohhh what was going on in the background while my life was busy is far more than I ever thought it would accomplish. 8 years later I finally was able to visit my kiddo. Though not a kid any more but a young man. I was amazed at his faith in God, his knowledge of scripture, but ultimately his heart to help the kids who he was like just 10 years ago. On the day I first saw him it was like seeing a son who I've always known but never seen. We hugged and immediately it was a true bond of brotherly love. He is now 26.

Going to university. Working on his thesis which is focused on street kids. I was able to join him one day to see how his research was going and oh how beautiful it was. We met in a little dirt park and Rodgers spent all night baking mandazi, little pastries, to give the kids. There were 26 boys circled around Rodgers. Ages around 7-21. Rodgers asked the boys with hats on to take off their hats and he led a prayer of grace for the food in Swahili. It was beautiful. We then gave them the mandazi and some sodas and just loved on them. Rodgers is building a bond and relationships with them to build a foundation so he can ask questions for his research. His heart for those like him is so heart-warming and I could not imagine that a simple monthly donation could seriously impact a child's life and then all the lives that one life touches.

Thanks you Cheri again for your step of faith. All of these children's lives hung in the balance of that decision as well as every life their’s touches."

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