• by Sheila Mooers

Crocheting with a small stick!

I LOVE this picture! I brought some yarn and weaving looms to Kenya for some of the girls at Challenge Farm to work with. This one young lady did not know how to knit, and she wasn't really into the looms. However, several years ago someone had taught her how to crochet. I did not bring any crochet hooks, so I was surprised to see her crocheting a bag when I saw her the next day. I wondered where she had gotten the crochet hook, but when I got closer, I realized she didn't have a hook...she was using a small stick she had found, and was happily crocheting away. The bag was coming along a little slower than if she had a hook, but still beautifully and perfectly.

Just wow!

I wish her attitude on all of us, and all of our young people!

(Sheila recently visited Challenge Farm in October 2017)

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