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Take the Challenge January 2016! SCHOOL FEES

Take the Challenge: SCHOOL FEES

WE NEED YOUR HELP! It’s a New Year! This means it’s time to pay for secondary and university fees. As our children are getting older, we have many more who are joining secondary schools. We’re so proud of their accomplishments! They’ve worked very hard! Being accepted into secondary and university schools is a big deal! Many of the children never attended school prior to coming to Challenge Farm.

These kids finished their standard eight and passed so well that they all qualify for high school! Their scores were way above others in local schools who had taken the national exams! We need $1000 per child to start their studies in February. Please consider praying about this need and sharing it with your friends and help these students, so they can get an education to become productive citizens of Kenya. You can give through Globe, please note “school fees” in the comment section.


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