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Kipsongo Slum, Kitale Kenya

This is a traditional mud house in Kenya. This particular house is located in Kitale in a slum called Kipsongo. Challenge Farm has been working with this slum since 2006 providing women a way to take care of their families by helping them make their own jewelry (Crafts4Kenya) and selling to the community and to people around the world.

Recently, with the help of other missionaries in Kenya, 204 of these traditional mud houses, whose floor is normally dirt, now have concrete floors!! This is something we easily take for granted, and the people of this slum are so excited!

Also, for two weeks, there was a program to treat jiggers. Jiggers are small fleas that burrow in people's feet, mostly in areas that have a lot of dirt. Sanyo, Challenge Farm's local director supervised this healthcare program in the slum. Concrete floors help to lower the frequency of jiggers and this is one reason there is so much excitement for the new floors!

*Don't forget to check out Crafts4Kenya- and see the beautiful jewelry that the ladies of Kipsongo make!!

Until next time, remember, one small change can make one big difference in someone's life!

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