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Send Musa to Nairobi!

Musa came to Challenge Farm in February 2015. His parents abandoned him at a hospital and no one claimed him. Challenge Farm heard about his situation and took him in. Since coming to Challenge Farm, we have found that he has heart problems and needs to have heart surgery. Only one of his heart valves works adequately. Right now he is unable to do simple things like run and play with friends. He is easily winded and sometimes has coughing spells. The staff at Challenge Farm has been diligent to care for him, taking him to his monthly doctor’s appointments and following up. He enjoys playing marbles with his friends, but wishes he could run around.

We have some Italian doctors who have voluntered to do the surgery for free in Nairobi in the next month. We will just have to pay for his room and board and transportation. Please help us send Musa to Nairobi!

Please be praying for Musa as he has this surgery and for complete healing so he can play like a normal child.

*If you are able to make a donation to send Musa to Nairobi please click here and be sure to put "Musa to Nairobi" in the comments. Thank you so much!

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