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Our Vision is for all Kenyan children to reside in safe and loving families, flourishing in their communities, equipped with skills for success, and the knowledge that they were created with value and purpose (Psalm 139).


Our Mission Statement is to break the cycle of poverty by rescuing street children and those living in abusive situations,   providing a safe, healing environment with loving mentors, teachers,  and counselors, teaching them essential skills and behaviours needed to create better futures for themselves, their families, and their communities. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Core Values


We honor the belief that every child has the basic right to survive, to develop to the fullest, to be protected from harmful influences, abuse, and exploitation, and to be able to fully participate in a family, culture, and social life.


 It is our sense of compassion that drives us to care for those struggling to survive, realizing that pure and undefiled religion is to visit orphans and widows in their trouble. 

- James 1:27


We strive to bring hope, as well as physical and emotional healing, to those in need. (True healing and freedom only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.)


We strive to uphold a strong moral character in order to earn and maintain trustworthy relationships with our children, the Kitale community, and our sponsors and supporters.


Our Vision is for all Kenyan children to reside in safe and loving families, flourishing in their communities, equipped with skills for success, and the knowledge that they were created with value and purpose (Psalm 139).



Our Mission is to train children to be respectful, responsible, and a joy to be around by helping them heal (spirit, soul, and body) with the purpose of reintegrating them back into their families, happy, productive, and with a great sense of worth and dignity. 

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Our Mantra

"Be respectful, responsible, and a joy to be around!"

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