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Where is Challenge Farm?  Challenge Farm is located about 4-1/2 miles northeast of Kitale town. Kitale, an agricultural market town is in the northern Rift Valley, Kenya.



Loving and rehabilitating the mistreated, abused, abandoned,  and orphaned children of Kenya



After elementary school, those who qualify by passing the KCPE national exam, attend high school. When students are succeeding academically, as funds are available, we help them attend college, polytechnic, or university. Those who have struggled in their classes and with learning are given the opportunity to join vocational training of their choice. 

Our vision is for every child to flourish in his or her community!

Loving and rehabilitating the hurting children of Kenya

would be impossible without our sponsors and supporters! 

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About . . . Challenge Farm was officially opened on January 13, 2003, when 10 boys were placed by the local Children's Department through a court order. Since then, it has grown and hundreds of children have come through our gates.

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you

and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.' "~ Jeremiah 29:11


We continue to love and rehabilitate the hurting children of Kenya today, by providing them with a safe, nurturing environment where they can discover purpose in their lives through teaching them about Jesus. Caring for the children coming from these hard situations takes time and prayer. Simultaneously, we are working with the children's relatives, guardians, and family members.

While the children are with us, they live in dorms and attend our accredited elementary school, Light & Power Academy, or other area schools. 

Having Tea!

Having Tea!

We have tea time twice a day at the farm. It is a great time to socialize.

Fresh food everyday.

Fresh food everyday.

Here one of our cooks is preparing the greens!

Learning farm work.

Learning farm work.

Here the kids are among the banana trees that have been planted by our agricultural department.

Fresh Water!

Fresh Water!

The kids are blessed by the clean water from the Challenge Farm well.

Chapel Dancing.

Chapel Dancing.

One of our kids favourite things to do is play, dance, and listen to music!

In the Workshop.

In the Workshop.

Here the kids are working and learning new skills in the workshop.

I am Joseph, 25 years old, a former street kid from Kitale town...

 I was hopeless and thirsty for education and a better life. My parents weren't able to take me to school because they were not financially able.


I thank God, for the Challenge Farm came at the right time when I needed schooling and a place to call home. Challenge Farm took me through school from Class 4 up to college and taught me good behavior. I spent time with a big "family" and prepared well for the future.


I am now a qualified social worker, working with another ministry, Mattaw Children's Village. I also want to give hope to the hopeless and be an inspiration to help them know that the future is bright. I honor Mama Cheri's vision. I am who I am through her. I know success might delay but it can never be denied with consistency.


I humbly thank Challenge Farm for participating in my success. Thank you and thank all of the sponsors. God bless you. I am enlightened and feel empowered to face the future with courage and hope.

~ Joseph 

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