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Caring for the kids

First and foremost we love Jesus

here at Challenge Farm!

Challenge Farm is a non-profit organization, located in Kitale, Kenya, that strives to provide better lives and more opportunities for children who have been rescued from very difficult situations. The children are referred to us from the local Children's Department and are usually involved in court cases involving abuse and mistreatment.

Loving and rehabilitating the mistreated, abused,

abandoned, and orphaned children of Kenya…

Rehabilitating a child – what does that look like?

A child usually comes to us with just the clothes on his or her back. The children are in need of shelter, food, clothing, and sometimes medical care. Trained social workers, mentors, teachers, and counselors encourage, teach, and guide the children in a nurturing environment. Sometimes rehabilitation involves helping a child with drug addiction or other social issues.

Rehabilitation may take several years.


Child Sponsorship helps to make this possible!

But it doesn’t stop there…

When a child is ready to be placed in a healthy, safe home environment, family empowerment is sometimes needed. This might be sheets of tin for roofing on a home addition, maize or seeds to help the family start a small business growing and selling vegetables to supplement their income; or assistance with school shoes, school uniforms, books, or the school lunch program. The needs vary and not all families need assistance. Parenting classes are provided for the new family, relatives or guardians to help prepare the family for the child and to ensure that the child will have the best possible home environment.


Sponsor a child today!

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Having Tea!

Having Tea!

We have tea time twice a day at the farm. It is a great time to socialize.

Fresh food everyday.

Fresh food everyday.

Here one of our cooks is preparing the greens!

Learning farm work.

Learning farm work.

Here the kids are among the banana trees that have been planted by our agricultural department.

Fresh Water!

Fresh Water!

The kids are blessed by the clean water from the Challenge Farm well.

Chapel Dancing.

Chapel Dancing.

One of our kids favourite things to do is play, dance, and listen to music!

In the Workshop.

In the Workshop.

Here the kids are working and learning new skills in the workshop.

In addition to feeding, clothing, teaching, and nurturing the children, Challenge Farm offers:
  • A vocational workshop to train older boys in woodworking, welding, and basic maintenance repairs.

  • Social Workers and trained counselors to help the children who come to us with drug addictions and other social issues. 

  • A working farm that grows corn and other crops, honey-producing bees, chickens, and cows ~ that produce food, milk, to supplement the food supplies and with the goal of becoming self-sufficient.

  • Weekly Christian church services are held every Sunday in the Farm’s chapel. 

  • A trained Kenyan staff that runs Challenge Farm on a daily basis, including a director, counselors, social workers, teachers, bookkeeper, dorm monitors, night guards, kitchen staff, and a maintenance crew.

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