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Here are some commonly asked questions about sponsorship:


What does a child receive from child sponsorship?

Sponsorship allows us to feed, clothe, house, and educate each of the children.

How much does it cost?


Only $35 per month, slightly more than $1 a day!


Partial Sponsorship - $35 at this level you will be a partial sponsor of a child, and part of a team of six people. 


Full Sponsorship - $200 you will be fully sponsoring a child, providing his or her needs for a month.

How do I go about sponsoring a child?

Very simple! Choose a boy or girl ~ Choose a Child!  


We will confirm your sponsorship via email and mail you a sponsorship packet for the boy or girl you choose.

How do I pay for it?


Click Make a Child Smile!

OR send a check payable to Globe International 

PO Box 3040 Pensacola FL 32516

Will I receive regular updates?

Yes! Updates are mailed twice a year and include items such as a personal letter from the child, an individual photo, artwork, and a school progress report. Our monthly newsletter will keep you informed of what's going on at the Farm. 

Once you've chosen a child...

We'll send you a packet that includes info on how to write your child, our gift-giving policy, and other information about our Child Sponsorship Program. We'll add you to our mailing list so you can stay current with the news at the Farm!


Don't wait any longer, make a difference in the life of A CHILD at  Challenge Farm today!

CF Kids-283_edited.jpg

T.R. and Michelle, one of our sponsors and supporters (since the beginning!), recently visited Challenge Farm, they were touched by what was happening here.  

I've always had a desire to go see with my own eyes what is happening at Challenge Farm...that desire became a reality. Seeing first-hand what is being accomplished for the children is an eye-opening experience...The progress that has been made from the very first building to what is there now, is a testimony to God's favor and faithfulness. From the moment my husband, T. R., and I first arrived at Challenge Farm until we left, the love the children and staff have for Jesus and for Cheri touched us deeply. Many times we were moved to tears and couldn't speak because we were so overwhelmed by all we saw. Education is very important and we were able to go into the classrooms and see the great job the teachers are doing. We were able to see how test scores are continually showing improvement. If you are not currently supporting Challenge Farm on a monthly basis or if you are looking for a ministry to support, I strongly encourage you to consider this ministry.

~ T.R. and Michelle

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